This baby set was knit from a Mellors Munro Publication called "Scallywags". All the patterns use Bramwell 4 ply and are for newborns to 24 months. All the garments are easy to knit and you can knit a whole wardrobe by mixing and matching the pieces. I used Bramwells Fine Four Ply in white and oddments of red and green

for the strawberries and leaves. It was very easy to knit but I was a little worried when I sewed the jacket together. If your tension is off the jacket does not fold at the proper place at the bottom so part of the design would roll to the inside. Behind the baby set is a baby blanket done on a Passap Duo 80 without deco. It's
from Passap Book 31 and I used two strands of 2/16. It takes one hour to knit, at least the 2nd, 3rd and 4th ones do. The first one always takes me longer!

I was using up some of the fine yarn I had hanging around here, so this baby blanket isn't that snazzy..... It was knit on a Brother 930 electronic in double jacquard and those of you have Brother machines will recognize the punchcard.

This angel blanket design (below) was download from the Linus Project. There are 18 different angel designs. For the use of

these designs you have to send one knitted blanket to the local Linus branch. ( in Canada) It's knit in Bramwell's Fine 4 Ply on a Brother 930 with garter carriage. Sorry it's not that clear. It's a little angel dragging a star - the star is at the left.
This cute little dress, hat and bootie set was knit on the Passap Duo 80 in Tamm Suavi. The pattern for the dress and booties can be found in Mary Weaver's "The Passap Duomatic" on pg 230 and the hat is based on a pattern by Joyce Cammidge, page 4, Issue 12 of Joella Knitworks Newsletter. If you have some of Mary Weaver's books don't forget about the patterns in them.

This outfit was hand-knit but it's so cute I thought I'd put it up for you to see. The pattern is in a Patons Baby Astra booklet (No.669) and is shown on the back cover. It has a shawl collar (which you can't see in this photo) and was fun to knit.

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