Lace Boot Toppers or Cuffs

by Roni Knutson

Pattern Rating Fairly easy for knitters with some experience
Machine Suitable for standard gauge punchcard or electronic machines with a ribber and lace carriage. If you don't have a ribber you can work ribs in mock rib and if you don't have a lace carriage you can make lace by hand manipulation. Knit on a Studio SK580 electronic
Materials Bramwell Fine 4 ply (100% acrylic). My boot toppers weigh 1 oz or 29 grams
Measurements Needs to stretch to 15 inches or adapt to size needed
Tension 28 sts and 38 rows approx., to 4 inches or 10 cm measured over lace pattern at T6
Note Finished depth is 7 inches
Simple Lace design is 1L - (4).
Please check your manuals for instructions on knitting lace.
On my SK580 I left my N1 cam in the centre. Point cams should be two needles in from the edge of the knitting so that edge stitches do not transfer. Switch 1 and 2 must be set to show the left hand lights and all other switches 3, 4, 5 and 6 must be off.

Do not turn on electronics yet if you have an electronic machine.
Set needles for 1 x 1 rib. 75 sts (38-0-36) on main bed. End needles will be on main bed.
Do zigzag cast on and three circular rows. RC000
Knit 20 rows at T4/4
Transfer stitches to main bed for stocking stitch, remove weights.
Bring work over covered ribber bed and weigh evenly.
Remove regular carriage and fit lace carriage to bed - don't forget to plug in the curly cord if you are using the electronic - turn on machine.
Insert lace card and lock on first row. Set tension to 6. RC000
Knit two rows stocking stitch.
Release card and knit lace pattern for 20 rows
Lock card and return to stocking stitch, knit two rows. RC24
Remove lace carriage, return regular carriage and ribber connecting arm to main bed, bring up ribber and connect.
Transfer sts for 1 x 1 rib. Add weights.
Rib 20 rows at T4/4
Cast off loosely or do it the way I do it. Rib 6 rows of waste yarn and then cast on for
second boot topper and then cast off both boot toppers by hand when finished and off the machine.

This pattern was first published in Machine Knitting Monthly magazine, May 2016

© Roni Knutson 2015

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