Fingerless mitts in sock yarn

by Roni Knutson



Pattern Rating Fairly simple
Machine Knit on a Silver Reed SK580 standard gauge machine with ribber but can be knit on any standard gauge (4.5) machine.
Materials Small amounts of Patons Kroy 4 ply sock yarn, plain and variegated. 75% wool, 25% nylon. My heaviest one was 36 grams in weight
Measurements To fit medium size hand (woman)
Tension I am using T7
Gauge Ball band states 28 sts to 10 cms. I am getting between 28 to 30 sts to 10 cm and between 40 to 42 rows to 10 cms depending on the colour of the yarn at T7.

Cast on 30-0-30 for 1 x 1 rib in plain colour
T3/3 for 26 rows (use 2 large weights)
CAR, Trsf to main bed, set at T7. Cut yarn.
Set Row Counter to 0
Take off weights but leave comb in place
Change to variegated yarn (leave at least 12 inch tail for sewing up)
Inc 1 st each side with 3 prong tool when row counter shows rows
1, 4, 7, 10, 13, 16, and 19 (37-0-37)
Knit to RC22, CAR

Removing stitches for thumbs
Russell Levers to I for Hold
Unknit 9 sts next to the carriage. Remove yarn from carriage but don't cut, just move it to one side.
Bring all needles to hold (37-0-28) except for these 9 needles
Knit 6 rows of waste yarn over the 9 needles at the right.
Cut waste yarn, put main yarn back in the carriage, all needles to C position and knit to L or cancel Hold to knit across (just remember to return the carriage to Hold for next part).
Push empty 9 needles to Non working position at the right.
At left, unknit 9 stitches next to the carriage.
Put all needles to Hold except for these 9
Knit 6 rows of waste yarn over these 9 needles and take off same as right side.
Russell Levers to II. Knit one row to right.

Reset RC to 24
Knit 14 rows. RC 38
Transfer every other stitch to the ribber to set up for 1 x 1 rib.
Set tension at 2/2. Change to plain colour yarn. Hang weights as before. RC000
Rib 8 rows. Knit one more row with tension on main bed and ribber at T10+. Cut yarn leaving a tail of about 12 inches. Remove weights and comb. Transfer ribber sts to main bed.
Drop ribber to lowest position. Push all needles to D position.
Starting at R side, latch off through the sts and remove from machine.

Finishing thumbs with 1 x 1 ribbing
First sew side seam from bottom of ribbing up to the top of the thumb just below the waste yarn, being careful to sew close to the edge of the seam either mattress stitching or back stitching.
Fold mitt down so that you can reach the purl side of the thumb
Bring forward needles 9-0-9 to D on main bed
Pick up stitches below the waste yarn and put on needles. (see photo below)
Remove waste yarn. Push needles back to B position. Pick up 3 sts at each side. (12-0-12) Knit 2 rows.
Remove main bed arm and replace with ribber arm and bring up ribber. Transfer every other stitch to ribber.
Insert comb and two small weights.
With contrast yarn knit 8 rows 1 x 1 rib at T2/2. Knit one more row at T10+ on both beds. Transfer stitches to main bed. Drop ribber to lowest position. All needles to D position
Starting at R side, latch off through the sts and remove from the machine.

Sewing Up
Sew rest of seam from ribbing down towards the thumb.

Alternate Finish - stocking stitch instead of ribbing.
If instead of ribbing you prefer stocking stitch at the top of your fingerless mitt just finish with 8 rows in contrast at T7 and one last row at T10 and then latch off through sts.
For the thumb knit 12 rows in stocking stitch instead of the ribbing. Half in variegated yarn and half in plain coloured yarn and finish off with the last row at T10 and latch off.

October 3, 2018

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