Circular Socks

Heart & Sole Yarn by Red Heart

by Roni Knutson

Machine: Standard 4.5 gauge machine with ribber. Knit on my Studio SK580 electronic
Size To fit women's size 9
Materials Heart & Sole by Red Heart Yarns. 73% wool, 27% nylon. Marked on the ball band as No. 1, Super fine. 36 sts and 48 rows to 10 cm using a 2.75 mm knitting needle if hand knitting
Gauge I managed to get 36 sts and 48 rows in circular on my machine with the main bed set at T3 .. and the ribber set at T6. My mast tension was T5

It took me seven tries to get the tension. I started at T6 on the main bed and worked my way down to 3 and two dots. On the ribber I tried T5 but it needed T6. Of course, everyone's machine is different and you will probably get totally different results with my tensions even if you use the same yarn and colour. (See my ramblings on Circular Sock in Paton's 3 ply Kroy).

There was also no picture on the ball band of what socks knit in this yarn would look like so I knit the first sock and was surprised to find that I had a totally different pattern than I had on my tension swatches.

Second sock came out like the swatches so then I remembered that on some yarns you have to start the sock in exactly the same yarn place for each sock. Third sock matched the second and the fourth sock matched the first sock once I got that sorted out. (For the third sock it was easy to find the starting point but for the fourth I had to pull out a few yards to find the exact spot.) I was glad I bought 4 balls. No mention of this on the ball band.

One more note, I wasn't happy with this yarn I had three knots in 4 balls, 2 of which were in the same ball! I bought it for the colour and price but won't buy it again.

Cast on 72 sts (36-0-36) for 1 x 1 rib and do the zigzag and circular rows.

RC000. Rib 36 rows at T1/1.

Transfer ribber stitches to the main bed. Remove comb and weights. Remove ribber connector, drop ribber down, reset the main bed sinker plate and knit two rows at T3..

Set up for circular knitting - Russell Levers to I (hold position), push half the sock needles to D positon. Take half of sock off on waste yarn (note which half so that you can do the opposite half on the next sock). Using the 3 prong tool, return the needles in D to the B position. Bring the ribber up so that it is one notch down from all the way up and fold the half of the sock on waste yarn so that it lies exactly opposite the needles in B on the main bed (right sides facing, purl side out). (I usually use one of the tools to poke it so that the raw edge of the waste yarn is tucked forward and down behind the ribber and the stitches I want to pick up are arranged in a nice visible row.) Using a single transfer tool, pick up stitches from below the waste yarn and put them on the ribber facing the other half of the sock. Take off the waste yarn (pull the end from beneath the knitting - between the beds) and push the ribber up so that it is back in the proper ribbing position. Take a size 13 or 14 (very thin!) knitting needle and carefully push it through the sock ribbing under the knitting machine and hang two small ribber weights on it to keep it from rising up or weight it down in whatever way you can. Attach the ribber connecting arm and set the tension to 3.. on the main bed and 6 on the ribber (or whatever tension you need) and set the machine for circular (it's in your manual and also those three rows after the zigzag row are circular rows).
Knit 48 rows (96 on the row counter) to the heel.


Unlock ribber carriage from ribber arm and drop the ribber down one notch. Remove ribber connector and attach the sinker plate to the main carriage. Set dial to stocking stitch and Russell Levers to I. Short row down to 12 stitches and up again. (
I used my hook weights from my circular sock machine to weigh down the heel as I knit - use whatever works for you).


Remove main bed sinker plate and bring up ribber and reconnect. (
Don't forget to change the Russell Levers back to II). Set for circular once more. RC000 and knit 68 rows (136 on row counter).


Using two prong tool decrease 1 st at each side of the main bed knitting and ribber knitting. Knit 2 rows (4 on the row counter) Decrease until 12 sts remain. Knit 1 row (2 on the row counter). Take off on 6 rows of waste yarn).

Kitchener stitch the toe and sew the ribbing seam.

Knit another sock to match.
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