For those of you looking to sell or buy something or looking to find a group specific to your machine here are a few to consider:-

I have added information on each group as I find it at this date (Jan 2011), things change over time so if you are looking at this 6 months later or so you may find that some groups have gone or have been taken over by spam - please let me know if that's what you find. Thanks.

FOR SALE GROUPS 1391 members, run by Foss Plus, used km, patterns, books, yarn etc. for sale by owners 3975 members, sell/trade fiber and related accessories, no discussion 75 members, trade spare/extra parts - all makes and models of km's 75 members, buy/sell yarn, machines, ribbon etc., exchange ideas 214 members, sell km's, yarns, books, km accessories 716 members, for sale or wanted km and knitting related items 892 members, sell km's, yarns patterns etc.  213 members, sales and swaps OK, no auctions or ebay ads 128 members, set up for UK machine knitters to buy and sell
 VARIOUS MACHINE KNIT GROUPS  339 members, discussion re machine knitting - no selling or buying  194 members, discuss ideas, tips, techniques, patts, - all machine knitters welcome  200 members, all knitting and weaving - not just machine knitting  10,238 members, The Knit List, non-commercial worldwide forum for knitting  835 members, discussions re machine knitting  651 members, for Japanese and European machines, in English and French (great group)  439 members, all machine knitters worldwide but primarily British mk'ers, no selling  112 members, NZ machine knitters, for sale allowed  359 members, not just for Aussies machine knitters, friends also worldwide
STUDIO/SILVER REED/SINGER(in Canada)/KNITMASTER (in Britain)  12 members, run by Seattle based knitting machine dealer 150 members, no sales, for owners of SilverReed/Studio/Singer 360-700 machines  606 members, any Singer/Studio/Knitmaster/Silver Reed punchcard machine owner  725 members, no selling, some spam since Nov/10  255 members, worldwide Silver Reed/Studio/Knitmaster group  979 members, all mid-gauge hobby machines (6.5) incl. KX350 Brother as well as USM/ISM/Bond 156 members, Singer/Studio/Silver Reed/Knitmaster/Empisal MK70 folding machine and HK160 non-folding machine, sale of machines alllowed  87 members, 8 mm machines, SK120 - Sk140  30 members, HK100, SK120, SK140 or Bulky 8, in other words 8 mm machines but not Bonds. Km ads on Fridays, no yarn sales
BROTHER/KNIT KING MACHINES  1459 members, for Brother machines. Can post wanted but no sales.  995 members, for Brother machines. Buy and Sell allowed. Postings have dropped in numbers.
PASSAP/PFAFF MACHINES  1201 members, online Passap Club, lessons in Files, help for beginning Passap knitters  85 members, for owners of E800's, lessons in Files Section  75 members, for owners of Passap M201 also called Speed-o-knit  261 members, formed to study Carmen Reuter Notes for Passap E6000  1553 members, no selling, devoted to all Passap Km owners, all skill levels and ages  819 members, for Passap machine owners, novice to expert, worldwide  303 members, buy/sell/swap Passap km related items  307 members, products & services for Passaps, dealer and auction ads welcome  20 members, Stephanie's Studio & Yarn, yarns for Passap DM80 and E6000  478 members, Monthly Newsletter for Knit-a-Bit
SUPERBA/SINGER(in Britain)/WHITE (in Canada) MACHINES  329 members, for Singer/Superba/White machines
OTHER MACHINES - various 214 members, for Toyota knitting machines 169 members, for owners of Artisan machines  68 members, for LK100, LK140, LK150, HK100, KX350, KX390, KX395, and Bond machines, Justina Knits  75 members, for the Bond Elite  2357 members, for ISM, USM, Bond Classic, EZ Knitter, Big Phil, Vario Big, Studio 8, LK150 etc., no posting, this is an archive of the Bond List  713 members, share info etc., re vintage machines
CIRCULAR SOCK MACHINES  1077 members, for circular sock knitting machines - sales/swap OK  81 members, Canadian circular sock knitting machines but worldwide members allowed

332 members, for Design-a-Knit 7 users  131 members, design exchange for Design-a-Knit software users  534 members, discussion re all software for knitting
VARIOUS OTHER GROUPS OF INTEREST TO MACHINE KNITTERS 414 members, swap km pattern links and info and your own patterns  425 members, for Knitters using the SWAN sock knitting method  789 members, all about knitting scarves

Updated January 29, 2011

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