ABBREVIATIONS AND TERMS by Roni Knutson (as many as I could find!)

A, B, C and D contrast colours LF left front
'A' position non-working position - needles all the way back (lining up with 'A' line on your knitting machine MB main bed (machine)
atl alternate MC main colour
'B' position working position (lining up with 'B' line on machine) mm(s) millimetre(s)
beg beginning MT main tension
BO bind off (cast off) MT+1 if MT is 7, knit at 8
CAL carriage at left MY main yarn
CAR carriage at right N(s) needle(s)
CC contrast colour NWP non-working position
ch chain 0 no stitches or rows
cm(s) centimetre(s) oz. ounces
CO cast on (or cast off) P purl
COBH cast on by hand patt pattern
cont. continue plain no increase or decrease
C position needle butts line up with C line RB ribber
dc double crochet RC row counter
D position hold position rem remaining
dec decrease rep repeat
EON every other needle R(s) row(s)
EOR every other row SS stitch size
EOS every other stitch sc single crochet
FB front bed st(s) stitch(s)
fig figure st st stocking stitch
foll following sy scrap (or waste yarn)
FF fully fashioned Ten. or T tension
g grams Tr treble crochet
HP holding position (D) TO take off
hdc half double crochet tog together
inc increase UWP upper working position
K knit WP working position
KL knitleader WY waste or scrap yarn
Latch off cast off using tappet tool