Studio AG20 Intarsia Carriage - for information only


The AG20 intarsia carriage is a simple little carriage that you use instead of your regular carriage to bring the needles to D (holding position) after every row so that you can lay your yarn into the "mouths" of the needles. It is used for picture knitting (think argyle socks or motifs). It allows you to knit as may colours in one row as you like and have no floats on the back of the knitting. It's a slower process than using your regular carriage but once you get into the rhythm of it, it's very enjoyable.



It should come with an instruction manual.


It should come with this little leaflet which says:-

"If the Intarsia Carriage should happen to jam on the needle bed while knitting, do not apply force to release it, but take off the Fabric Presser by removing the screws fastening it at the underside of the Carriage."

May 3, 2006