Garter Bar Set


Pictured is a garter bar for a standard machine (which by the way can also be used on the chunky 9 mm machine using alternate needle grooves). They usually consist of these pieces; two wide garter bars and one short one. Two wide needle stoppers and a small one. This one came with a short piece of sponge and two clips but sometimes they come with a wide piece of sponge and four clips.

  Because I have a few garter bars (I like one beside each machine that is set up) I have five different sets of instructions which I have scanned and show below as pdf's. First three are in the English language and the last two appear to be in Japanese. If they are not in Japanese please let me know.

Aside from turning your work when knitting garter stitch they can also be used for decreasing across a row, making cables, making darts, knitting eyelet and lace patterns and doing vertical pattern knitting. Also if you need to, you can remove the work from the machine and hold it up to get an idea if it will fit or to look at the other side.
  How to utilize this garter bar

Reversing Transferring garter bar and vertical pattern knitting

How to use the garter stitch attachment

8 pages - totally undecipherable to me but the drawings are good.

4 pages on vertical pattern knitting
March 6, 2021

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