RT-1 - Rib Transfer Carriage

photos for information only

plus instruction manual, in case your have mislaid yours and also what to do if your RT-1 isn't working.


Top view - rib transfer carriage

Underside view


This is the part that connects with the needles

This part at the back of the RT-1 slots into the back of the knitting machine bed.


This sheet should come with your RT-1, basically it explains how not to damage your RT-1


First page of the instruction manual

2nd page of the instruction manual


3rd page of the instruction manual

If you haven't used your rib transfer carriage in a while you may find when you go to use it that it won't work - that it has become stiff. What happens is that over time the grease that is used in it becomes hard. There's a couple of things you can try, first of all use a hair dryer on it - this should warm up the grease and allow the unit to move again. If this doesn't work try removing some of the grease and then heating it up again. I found that with my rib transfer carriage I had to remove some of the old grease and then because I didn't have any grease hanging around I used Balistol oil and in no time it was working again.

Another problem that happens is that the auxiliary spring gets bent and this problem will give you dropped stitches. See next illustration for information on how to fix this.


September 2, 2014