GARTER BAR, hints and tips on it's use by Roni Knutson

Turning work over to join, i.e., headbands, or to make garter stitch

  1. Take yarn out of carriage and put around weaving knob (just to get it out of your way).
  2. Pull all needles to D - make sure all latches are open.
  3. Take hold of garter bar with grooves facing upwards.
  4. Place the garter bar on the needles so that the needle ends protrude through the holes on the garter bar.
  5. Pull garter bar towards you and keep level (runway).
  6. Tug stitches onto garter bar - keeping tension on garter bar while you do this. Don't worry if you miss a few stitches.
  7. Tilt garter bar down and push towards the machine just enough to press all the latches down and open. Lift garter bar off machine.
  8. Flip garter bar over so that grooves face downward. Move yarn to other side and tuck around the edge of machine to keep it out of your way.
  9. With garter bar held at a 45 degree angle bring it towards the knitting so that needles are below the stitches and in the groove.
  10. Tilt bottom of bar up, keeping downward pressure on it, but don't tilt it right down to the latches. Slide towards you a little and as soon as you feel the stitches catch tilt the the bottom of the bar back down again. Peer over the garter bar and make sure you have the stitches on there.
  11. Keeping downward pressure on the bar slowly ease the garter bar down at an angle. Tidy up any stitches that didn't quite make it.

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