Singer MK 70 folding knitting machine(photos for interest only

You can view a video of this machine on YouTube done by Evelyn McNabb who writes patterns for Knitwords Magazine

The MK 70 folded up and in its case. It's just a little larger than a sewing machine. This is an 18 st punchcard machine. No ribber was made for it. It's a 6 mm gauge machine.  
Cover removed and you can see the machine with its sides folded up and the tension mast folded down. It has a plastic container that fits over the handle of the machine and a tool tray that fits into the plastic container.  
When you fold the side down, this is what it looks like.
When both sides have been folded down and pushed inward until they click the machine bed looks perfectly normal. The arm just comes down towards you and locks into place (photo on right).
The tension post folds up and then locks into place. On the left you can see (not too clearly, sorry) the innards. When you are folding it down again to put it away you pull up on it and then fold it down. On the right you can see the tension mast threaded and it's efficient use of space.
Here's a view of the 18 st punchcard reader (that's the base of the tensions mast to the left of it. In the right photo you can see the row counter.
Tools that come with the MK70 and punchcards.

October 25, 2007

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