Photos of SK151 - by kind permission of Gabrielle in Australia (thank you!)

(This machine is not for sale - photos are for information only)

Carriage in this photo is of an Empisal Knitmaster SK151 but it was also sold in Canada as a Singer SK150 and as a Silver Reed SK151 so we have a tendency to call it the SK150/151. It's a steel bed 9 mm machine without built in punchcard not to be confused with the LK150 plastic bed mid-gauge 6.5 mm machine.

Nice photo of the carriage - notice the "I" for the intarsia (this machine does not have a punchcard as I mentioned above). Also notice the removable brushes

Knitting in progress - notice how the needle tape under the needles is marked in sections to make it easier to do patterns.

Also notice that there are three studs top left of the machine (near the carriage) these are for the KR7 Knit Contour or the KR6. Both knit contours come with paper patterns that you roll into the knit contour. You do a test swatch, work out your sts and rows per 10 cm and then set the KR7 up to match those numbers and you can knit sweaters. That frees you up from patterns in books because you can use the paper pattern over and over again because it comes in a range of sizes and also you can set the dials for different stitch and row tensions. Knit contours and knit radars are, in my humble opinion, one of the most brilliant little items made for knitting machines and often the most neglected and unused.

Needle bed

Another view of the needle bed and carriage.

Whilst this machine does not have a built in punchcard a unique punchcard system named the
PS150 was made to greatly facilitate needle selection. See info here.

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