SK302 - Knitmaster/Empisal - main bed and ribber

Photos are courtesy of Olwen Carne in England


Olwen writes that "This is the one (machine) that had the needle selector with the unique capacity for pattern knitting.

1. Pattern dials for selecting patterns.
2. Shift dial for shifting the patterns to both right and left positions.
3. Indicator which illustrates the pattern to be knitted.
4. Centred pattern panel board includes the pattern dials, the shift dial and the needle pattern indicator in well spaced positions for your convenience.


5. Carriage with built-in features for knitting designs.
6. Pattern cards, illustrating the order of operations for various patterns ....simplified, especially for the beginner.
"By these means you can knit more than ten thousand patterns. An added attraction of the model ES-302 is a new device enabling you to knit-in two colour different colours automatically and simultaneously. This is an art of pattern knitting unequalled by any other machine."
She says that she has copied the introduction from her instruction book. She also says that the machine was specially treated to cut the glare when knitting and that it also has the mast for both colours when colour knitting. Olwen bought her machine when it was first advertised in the "Radio Times" in England in the 1960's.


Here's a few more things that her booklet says the machine can do. "Varied Knitting Procedures.
1. Partial knitting on stockinet stitches
2. Tuched patterns
3. Slip stitches
4. Pick patterns
5. Successive tuck patterns
6. Knit-in patterns.


7. Lacy patterns (hand tooled)
8. Cable stitches
9. Rib stitches
10 Garter stitches
11 Stranding or adding yarn
12. Cord knitting."



Empisal Knitmaster 302 - Four patterns on fronts of cards.

Each card has two patterns on the front and two others on the reverse. There is a clip that is attached to the machine in its slot to hold the card in use. The ribber for the machine was made in Japan and has different names according to the country it was sold in, but is still the 302 Automatic Knitting Machine (that was its full description given by Knitmaster in London - when they existed).






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