SK303 - these photos for information only

SK303 needle bed with carriage (handle is down). In the lid you can see the arm and the mast. Behind is the original shipping box.
As you can see this is a wonderful photo of the SK303. At the top is the original shipping box. Then the machine closed up in it's case. Then the case opened to show the needle bed and carriage and in the lid the arm and mast and tool box. In front of the needle bed are the tools. To the right are two manuals.

Then the ribber shipping box. Ribber is next but unfortunately it is shown upside down. On top of it are 4 clamps and on top of the white box is a large claw weight that you can hang a weight on. In front of the ribber there is the long comb, L to R: carriage, 5 large weights, 2 small weights, row counter, looks like a knob, connecting plate (for joining the ribber and main bed) and in front of the weights is the small comb and another item I can't quite identify - looks to be tools.

June 2, 2005 E-mail Roni