Singer/Studio SK321 - these photos for info only


Starting from the back there is the lid to the main bed case with manuals and booklets propped up in it.

In front is the knitting machine itself with the carriage at the left (handle down) and the punchcard reader in the middle.

Row counter to the right of the reader.

In front of the machine is L to R, sinker plate assembly, also called the arm, with the ribber carriage in front of it, weights to the right of the ribber carriage. Behind the weights is the racking handle and a P carriage.

Dead centre is the mast with connecting plate in front and clamps and various parts to the right of that.

Light coloured plastic box to right is the tool box on top of punchcards.

At the front is the ribber.


Much better view of the carriage with the handle down. In front of it you can see a bit of the arm and a bit of the mast.


SK321 Pamphlet




June 2, 2005 - updated May16, 2022

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