SK560 - electronic - these photos for information only


SK560 with ribber attached set up on a table.
Carriage on left appears to be the lace carriage. Carriage on right is regular carriage. Behind are various tools, claw weights, mast, oil clamps, curly cord, transformer etc.

Another view.
View of right hand side of ribber and main bed.

View of centre of ribber and main bed showing the pattern system
Closer view of the two carriages.

From the rear. Ribber covers. L to R, weights, ribber carriage, connecting arm. In front of ribber carriage, L to R, two clamps, racking handle, auxiliary pieces and tools. In front long and short combs.
Variety of items. Operation manual, old ball winder, lace carriage claw weights (wide), various tools and parts, and on left the two items appear to be wider claw weights.

June 2, 2005

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