Photos of SK101 and ribber - not for sale - for information only

(with thanks to Lydia and others)


Tool pouch and I'm guessing, the needle selection carriage sitting in a tray..


Tools pouch and tools


Appears to be the row counter on the left


Sinker plate assembly (also called the arm) in it's place in the lid of the case (you're looking at the underside)


Part of the mast assembly





Weights and combs for ribber


Ribber carriage to the left





Ribber and combs



Ribber carriage and ribber bed


Ribber bed


Thanks to Libby Gebhardt for these scans of the SK101 instruction manaul

and my apologies for losing them and finally finding them and putting them up here.





November 11, 2013 and updated Nov 6, 2020