Here's a photo of my Superba 1502 still in the box. You're looking straight down on the carriages. To the right is the selector box into which you can input patterns by pressure (i.e., poking a pencil through the holes in the screen). Designs are limited to 12 high by 16 wide or 16 wide by 12 high. If the design is small, say 4 or 5 sts wide and maybe 6 sts high that's all you imput, unlike 24 st punchcard machines where you are locked in to designs that are 24 sts wide.
This is the Digi-Form that came with my machine. Unfortunately, I'm missing a few in particular that I need....... so I haven't set it up and used it yet. With this you can knit a variety of garments with a variety of yarns just by entering the sts and rows in your swatch. It came with a booklet of garment patterns.

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