Sources for Studio Knitting Machine Manuals (and some info on Brother and Passap machines too)

If you have lost your manual or bought a machine without a manual here are a few places to look for them. (Actually, older machines often had only one manual and newer machines have an operational manual and a knitting manual, so sometimes you are looking for one and sometimes for two. Ribbers have one manual.) If the machine is newer try a dealer or distributor. If it's older 301, 303, 313 etc., then you will probably have trouble buying an original manual and will have to settle for a photocopy.

Here's some more places to check:-

Manuals I have available for download

Right click to download

LK100 manual

SK105 manual

White "Magic Knitter" S9

Needle Selector LS6/LS9

Intarsia Carriage AG10

On the Web

Britlady Scans seem to have gone but there are these two which give you acess to lots of manuals

You'll find a variety of manuals on the Needles of Steel web site not to mention patterns and loads of other info

Another good one is this one

In Canada

Look for a dealer near you on the Canadian Machine Knitting Resource page on my web site

Studio machines (Canadian Distributor) -

For Passap Machines

In Canada:-

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