by Roni Knutson



 The scarf has a scalloped edge in a contrast colour, which is then repeated at the top of the hat.
Machine Any standard punchcard machine (knit on a Studio 360). No ribber needed.
Size To fit age 10 and up. Changes for Age 6 at bottom of pattern.
Materials 7 oz of Newry or Linwood - two strands used throughout - small amount of contrast colours or any 4ply will give a similar result
Gauge Not important. Approximately Tension 8
Please note that scarves can be dangerous to young children.


Cast on with contrast colour 75 sts (37-0-38) in e-wrap - T8. Knit 1 row. Pull into "D" every 4th needle. Russell Levers to I. Remove contrast colour and put main colour of yarn in machine. Knit 4 rows. Return Russell Levers to II. Knit 14 rows. Make a row of picots - every 4th stitch. Put in card for pattern and lock on Row 1. Knit another 14 rows - contrast yarn to feeder 2 - selector to knit-in - unlock card and do your pattern (mine was approximately 14 rows deep). Remove card, return to stocking stitch and continue on with main yarn. Knit 350 rows plain (remember to insert your card for pattern just before you have finished the 350 rows so that it can be memorized). Don't forget the card goes in upside down at this point. Contrast yarn in 2nd feeder - selector to knit-in - unlock card. Do your pattern. Remove card and return to stocking stitch - knit 14 rows. Do a row of picots as before. Knit 14 rows. Pull every 4th needle to "D". Russell Levers to I. Weight work evenly. Knit 4 rows. Russell Levers to II. Put contrast yarn in feeder and remove main yarn. Change to Tension 10. Knit one row. Remove weights and latch off by hand loosely.

Make cords for each end in contrast colour - set machine to slip in one direction Studio/Singer/Silver Reed - set on slip and one side lever to front). Cast on 4 stitches using e-wrap and knit 110 rows (you'll need one claw weight on it) or make it the length you like and latch off.

Sew scarf together on your sewing machine taking care to match up patterns and picots. Press lightly without steam - putting the seam to centre back. Insert cord and tie in bow.



Using waste yarn cast on 132 sts (60-0-72) and knit 3 rows. Set Tension to 10 and knit 1 row with ravel cord. Change to main yarn and Tension 8. Knit straight to Row 70. Row 71 is first row of motif. Knit motif and knit on to row 130. Row 131 is first row of larger motif. When motif is done, knit straight to row 169. Join to beginning and take out ravel cord. Knit 25 rows graded through T8 to T5. Do picots every 4th stitch. Knit 14 rows grading up from T5 to T8. Pull every 4th needle to "D". Russell Levers to I. Weigh work evenly. Knit 4 rows. Russell Levers to II. Put contrast yarn in feeder and remove main yarn. Change to T10. Knit 1 row and latch off loosely. Make cord in contrast colour as before.

Size 6: 122 sts for hat (49-0-73) Electronics 61-0-61

Row 61 - lst motif. Row 121 - 2nd motif. Row 155 - join.

19 rows to picots - T8 to T5. Picots every 4th needle. 14 rows - T5 to T8

Finish as before. (Scarf is the same width but has 50 rows less in length.)

Copyright©rvk 1989