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Used knitting machines, accessories, and books for sale/wanted in Canada

If you have a machine for sale or you are looking for a particular machine, email me (Roni) the ad., letting me know where you live, your phone number or your e-mail if you would like those in your ad. too and I will post it here. Also a photo if you have it. The same goes for accessories, books and for manuals for machines. Please put "ad." in the title so that it is clear that you wish to place an ad. (eg., "Ad. Studio 360"). Please note that I do not have these items for sale myself personally (unless stated) I am just doing this to help machine knitters. And, please, please, let me know when you sell the item or find the item you are looking for so that I can remove the ad (if the ad is over a year old I will remove it anyway).
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Canadian dollars plus actual postage/shipping unless otherwise stated.


For Sale: In Nanoose Bay, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada, a Brother KH930 electronic knitting machine with KR850 ribber both in excellent shape. This is a standard bed machine (4.5 mm gauge) and has 555 built in stitch patterns, so no punchcards. It is also hackable. Comes with a lace carriage, manuals, all tools etc. $600 Canadian. Local pick up only - no shipping. More photos available just email me, Roni.


For sale: In Nanoose Bay, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada, a Silver Reed SK860 knitting machine together with a Silver Reed SR860 ribber. This is a mid-gauge, 6.5 mm gauge machine and does not have a punchcard. Patterning is done with the addition of the EC1 which is also available. This machine is part of the Silver Reed modular system of electronica knitting machine. Price is $600 Cdn for the machine and ribber and $250 for the EC1. Local pick up only - no shipping. More photos available just email me, Roni.

For Sale: June who lives in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, has an excellent condition Singer 700 with lace carriage, garter bar, and yarn. All manuals, books that came with it and the pattern cards. Purchased new, no space to set it up, stored in original box in bedroom. Finally have the space but too old and tired now. Would like about $700.00 with everything included......the Lace carriage alone is about $200. This machine has only ever made squares and rectangles! Sad but true! If you are interested contact June at her email (Oct 30/19)
Wanted:- Josephine who lives near Edmonton, Alberta, Canada is looking for a CB1 for her Brother KH970 knitting machine. If you have one for sale please contact her at
For Sale: Jo-Anne on Salt Spring Island, British Columbia, Canada has for sale a Passap Duo 80. It was lightly used and in great working condition when she bought it 15 years ago from the previous owner. However, she set it up once and then life got in the way and it has been stored in a dry spot ever since. The machine is in its original box and so is the Deco and all accessories. That is a big plus, not only because it means the machine has been well cared but also if you move house you can pack it safely for the move. If you are not familiar with the Passap Duo 80 it is a true double bed machine - main bed and ribber are permanently attached. This machine really shines when knitting tuck or double jacquard. Uses 1 to 4 ply cone yarn (4 ply is about the thickness of fine baby yarn). As you can see from the photos it appears to be in immaculate condition. Asking price is $700 but open to offers. Give Jo-Anne a call at 250-931-5588 to find out more. Since it's a heavy machine pick up would be preferred. Shipping is extra but can be arranged.



Deco Unit (patterning system for fairisle, tuck, slip etc.)


Tension mast and accessories


Instruction manuals and magazines

Joyce in Lacombe, Alberta, Canada, which is about 30 minutes north of Red Deer has been downsizing her knitting machines and accessories and sold quite a bit but still has a few items for sale including a couple of Garter Bars, a couple of calculators, and yarn. Pick up preferred. If there is anything you are looking for please contact her at 403-786-2518 for more information.

Includes all accessories listed in the manual as well as a few new knitting magazines, Stitchworld pattern book showing the 555 patterns that are built into the machine. (No punching cards you just program in the pattern number.) She says that this machine is in very good condition, and was serviced in January 2018. It's a great machine for new knitters as well as experienced machine knitters.
If you are in the Victoria and surrounding area she has a sturdy metal stand for the machine which she will include. Delivery negotiable on Vancouver Island. Email her at Price is $400


Check out my page listing Yahoo Groups particularly those that allow buying and selling of machines and accessories

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