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Used knitting machines, accessories, and books for sale/wanted in Canada

If you have a machine for sale or you are looking for a particular machine, email me (Roni) the ad., letting me know where you live, your phone number or your e-mail if you would like those in your ad. too and I will post it here. Also a photo if you have it. The same goes for accessories, books and for manuals for machines. Please put "ad." in the title so that it is clear that you wish to place an ad. (eg., "Ad. Studio 360"). Please note that I do not have these items for sale myself personally (unless stated) I am just doing this to help machine knitters. And, please, please, let me know when you sell the item or find the item you are looking for so that I can remove the ad (if the ad is over a year old I will remove it anyway).
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Canadian dollars plus actual postage/shipping unless otherwise stated.

  Wanted: Bob in Smith Falls, Ontario, Canada is looking for a 9 mm garter bar set with stoppers. If you have one for sale please contact him at

(and yes, we know that they are available in the US but at the moment they are out of them)


Andrew in Hatzic, British Columbia has quite a few items for sale including a knitting machine. He has lots of manuals/books/patterns for sale for both Passap/Brother/Studio knitting machines. You can find the list here for the books and patterns Andrew's List of books & patterns and photos of other items below.
Contact Andrew at to purchase

Passap E6000 Reader Cards -10 cards per pack, 2 packs available, $40 per pkg, single sheets $5 each (originals not reproductions)


Passap Yarn Cup Holders, set of two $10. Set of two yellowed ones, $5

Passap Yarn Feeder Eyelets, 4 available $5 each

Passap Blue Strippers, 1 pair available. $30 a pair

Passap U70 transfer lock, $40

Passap U80 transfer lock, two available, $60 each

Passap 4 colour changer, $50

Passap Form Computer, power supply, mounting bracket, magnetic holder, manual. Parts sealed in bags $30

Parts that go with the Form Computer

Parts that go with the Form Computer

Passap Deco punch card reader for the Duo 80 $10

Back view of the Deco punch card reader

Passap Deco card reader $10

Another pusher tool?? $5

Passap adjustable needle pusher $12

Passap Comb & Weights $40

 Passap shelf (attaches to metal stand) $10



Handy Punch $15

 Passap knitting machine stands, 3 available, 2 at $90 each and one at $80.


Studio/Silver Reed mast $30


Passap Mast and arm $15

Royal Needle Transfer Tool $8

Videos - Exploring the E6000, The Basics, The Passap Tutorial & Up and Running with Creation 6

My Passap Vario Home Tutor

Brother Knit Leader KL 111 (Compatable with the KH800 only) $30 (see Compatability charts at

Brother Knit leader KL 116. (Compatible with all modern machines $50 (see previous link to charts

Another view of the KL116

Brother Knit leader (Everything in tube including sheet papers to be never used) Missing plastic knob. $20

Tube of 3 Brother knit leader sheets, used, but easily wiped clean with damp rag. $15


Another view of the 4 Brother Knit Leader sheets.

Tube containing 'Hallandall Bulky Graph Helps'. Graph design kit for knitting machine.
Two 24x28 Graph sheets, plastic sheets, magnetic ruler, Instructions and storage unit. $20

Another view of the Hallandall Bulky Graph Helps

View of the instructions for the Hallandall Bulky Graph Helps


Brother Lace Carriage for he KH820 (note this model does not do fine lace) $30


Another view of the lace carriage.

Passap E6000 Link 2 Serial cable with switch $80

Another view of the Passap Link2 cable and switch

And another view

Brother KR810 ribber carriage and connector plus other parts $70 for all but Andrew is open to selling parts individually

Underside of the carriage of KR810

Underside of the ribber connector

If you are interested in any of the items above contact Andrew at to purchase.

Andrew also has a
Studio SK313 Cardmatic knitting machine for sale. This was the first punch card knitting machine made by Studio so if you are a collector of knitting machines this is a good one - it's in pristine condition. Asking price $250 Cdn

If you are interested contact Andrew at to purchase.

As you might have guessed Andrew is decluttering so next he has this

Brother KR 900E Ribber for Sale - this is the same as the KR850

Asking Price is $200 Cdn.

If you are interested in the Brother KR900E ribber contact Andrew at

Andrew also has a vintage KnitKnit knitting machine for sale - asking price is $100

If you collect vintage machines this looks to be a nice one.

If you are interested in the vintage KnitKing contact Andrew at
  Joyce in Lacombe, Alberta, Canada, which is about 30 minutes north of Red Deer is downsizing her knitting machines and accessories and has lots for sale including a Brother KH940, two KG95 Garter carriages, several Brother Knit Leaders, Brother Transfer Carriages, Brother linkers, two PPd's, and two disc drives, 4 Garter Bars, lots of books and yarn. Pick up preferred. You can contact her at 403-786-2518 for more information.  

Includes all accessories listed in the manual as well as a few new knitting magazines, Stitchworld pattern book showing the 555 patterns that are built into the machine. (No punching cards you just program in the pattern number.) She says that this machine is in very good condition, and was serviced in January 2018. It's a great machine for new knitters as well as experienced machine knitters.
If you are in the Victoria and surrounding area she has a sturdy metal stand for the machine which she will include. Delivery negotiable on Vancouver Island. Email her at Price is $400

Nola also has a Brother Transfer Carriage Model KA-7100 , KA-8300 Excellent Condition. Works on most Brother Standard Gauge machines (830,840,860,881,910,930,940). You can transfer stitches for following patterns, 1x1 Rib, 2x2 Rib, 2X1 Rib, Full Needle Rib. Asking $20. If interested email her at


Check out my page listing Yahoo Groups particularly those that allow buying and selling of machines and accessories

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