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Used knitting machines, accessories, and books for sale/wanted in Canada

If you have a machine for sale or you are looking for a particular machine, email me (Roni) the ad., letting me know where you live, your phone number or your e-mail if you would like those in your ad. too and I will post it here. Also a photo if you have it. The same goes for accessories, books and for manuals for machines. Please put "ad." in the title so that it is clear that you wish to place an ad. (eg., "Ad. Studio 360"). Please note that I do not have these items for sale myself personally (unless stated) I am just doing this to help machine knitters. And, please, please, let me know when you sell the item or find the item you are looking for so that I can remove the ad (if the ad is over a year old I will remove it anyway).
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Canadian dollars plus actual postage/shipping unless otherwise stated.


For Sale: Lace Carriage for a Toyota KS787, $25.00 Cdn. If interested contact me, Roni.


For Sale: Garter Bar Set, $55.00 Cdn. If interested contact me, Roni.

  For Sale: Mary Lou in Victoria has sold her SK560 but still has for sale a Singer 360/260 Lace Carriage asking $200, and a Garter Bar Set asking $100 You can get in contact with her at (Jan 24/21)

Boxes of the lace carriage and garter bar

360/260 Lace Carriage in original box with punchcards and weights


Garter bar

For Sale: Singer LK100 Carriage (used). $45. If interested contact me Roni at


For Sale: Singer LK100 Row Counter (used). $17.50. If interested contact Roni at

Wanted: Florian in Longueuil, Quebec, Canada is looking for a Studio or Singer or Silver Reed (she doesn't mind what brand name is on it) mid-gauge knitting machine the SK860 with SR860 ribber together with an EC1 in good condition. If you have one for sale please contact:-
Email :
Tel : 450-670-5904
Nov 11, 2020
Updated: March 19, 2021

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