LK 150 Hobby knitter - mid-gauge machine (6.5 mm)(this is for information only - not for sale)

This photo shows the carriage of the LK150

Light weight, compact, easy to store, easy to use, plastic bed machine for which there is no ribber (you can either knit the ribs by hand, or hand tool them on the machine). Has 150 needles and ideally knits yarns about the weight of Patons Astra which is 22 sts to 10cm on 4 mm hand knitting needles (Light 3) double knitting yarn. By use of the tension dial you can knit yarns that are slightly thinner or thicker than this. It knits stocking stitch but with hand manipulation you can knit tuck, slip and fairisle.
Here is a photo of the needle bed, notice the needle butts are colour coded in sets of 10. Also you can see the row counter at the back of the bed and the mast to the left.

Tools that come with the LK150.

This is an extra accessory that you would buy separately. This is the AG10 IntarsiaCarriage which allows you to knit designs in intarsia (picture knitting - no floats behind). (if you have lost your manual you will find it here)

Other accessories that you can buy for this machine are the

KR 10 Electronic Knit (Radar) Contour

LW1 Weaving Attachment

LS6 Pattern Selector (
manual here)

FC6 Fairisle Carriage

AG 10 again with the Instruction Book

People who buy this machine sometimes complain that there are no patterns for it when the beauty of this machine and the LK140 is that it is easy to adapt your handknitting patterns to it. Knitting done on this machine looks like you hand knit it. However, if you need patterns check out

Lion Brand Yarns also make this wool (LB1878) on cone for the LK150

May 6, 2012 (March 13, 2013 updated)

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